Laravel vs Wordpress

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a popular open-source PHP web application framework that has been adopted and grown substantially in use for web development by developer communities around the world. It was created by Taylor Otwell and was first released in 2011. Laravel follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which separates the application logic into three interconnected components, making it easier to manage and scale web applications. One of the reasons Laravel has grown to be so popular is because of the sheer number of free packages from Laravel that rapidly speed up development for most web requirements.

Laravel is a beginner-friendly PHP framework that has so many built in features and conventions that it makes developing for the web more logical and helps build more robust and scalable web applications with efficiency and confidence.

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is the most widely-used open-source content management system (CMS) that simplifies the process of creating and managing websites and blogs. Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved hugely in-part because of the vast number of premium and free plugins that have been developed over many years by developers using and creating for Wordpress.

Wordpress also offers developers or users the ability to download the code and host yourself or subscribe to their own hosting platform but still with the ability to manage and customise the install.

WordPress is well known for:

  • Extensive Theme and Plugin Directory
  • SEO results
  • Familarity in admin use
  • Being cost effective
  • Being well supported/developed by the core Wordpress team

Laravel is well known for:

  • Logical and clean structure and readability
  • Blade templating engine
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Great documentation
  • Growing number of community packages
  • Community support

Why do we, Coder Studios, prefer Laravel?

Laravel offers a huge amount of versatility when building web applications. From the start there is greater flexibility and control for developers to build features fit for purpose where in some instances plugins or custom code in Wordpress has to be forced a certain way simply because of the evolution and lack of MVC structure within Wordpress.

The Laravel framework can be kept up-to-date more easily with modern developments because it's not restricted by the historical codebase that Wordpress has. For Wordpress to improve dramatically it would and could break a lot of themes and plugins which would cause huge problems for the massive audience that use Wordpress so it's crippled by it's own success. In the same vein, due to the open-source nature and popularity Wordpress websites are a huge target for malicious attacks, something we've yet to find in the Laravel community as each site is largely unique in the development process and the Laravel base is so secure and modern.